Jyoti is a Sivananda trained yoga teacher. This training took place in Kerala, South India.
She took a further 2 years training in Yoga Therapy with Yoga Biomedical Trust at Great Ormond Street.

She has specialized in working with Cardiovascular, Respiratory Disorder, IBS, Cancer, Arthritis, Well Women, and Lower Back Pain and other ailments such as Hyper-tension, Anxiety, Depression and Phobia.

She was also one of Yoga Biomedical Trust's main therapists for over 3 years.
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Pregnancy YogaPregnancy is a time for celebration! The period from conception and pregnancy to Childbirth is a very sacred and important period for the "mother-to-be" and the precious baby in the mother's womb. Lots of changes takes place in the mind and body at this time.

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Yoga Therapy
In today's stressful age, none of us have much time for ourselves and thus our mental, emotional and physical problems are often ignored. Yoga Therapy proposes a unique alternative. It offers a gentle, new approach, to healing, through...

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