"Yoga" comes from a sanskrit word "Yuj" which means to "yolk together" i.e. to unite and thus Yoga means "Union" - uniting of the Mind, Body, Soul and the environment. Yoga is an ancient way of leaving which is one's birth right.


Yoga is not just sitting in Postures. It is a practice of the following:-

  • Practicing, specific yoga postures, correctly, without hurting the body. Specific postures benefit specific organs and muscles aligning and massaging within.
  • Proper breathing with awareness.
  • Deep Relaxation.
  • Proper diet - eating the right foods for your body type.
  • Positive thinking.
  • Meditation - which allows you to go into a quite space within, reflecting on the higher Self.

Yoga is a holistic practice and thus works on the physical, mental and emotional planes. It allows the vital force of energy, known as "Prana", to flow freely, throughout the various channels, in the body known as "Nadi". When the energy flows freely one becomes more in tune with The Higher Self and this helps to think positive and act positive which in turn helps to control the mind. When the mind is controlled one feels centred.

Our body is made of 5 elements:-

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Ether
  • Fire
  • Water

Imbalance of elements can cause various ailments. Regular practice of Yoga helps keep the 5 elements in balance leaving one full of vitality, feeling centred and in tune with one's Self.

All age group can practice yoga under a guidance of an experienced teacher, from being in a mother's womb to growing older gracefully.

Regular practice of Yoga keeps one healthy and gives one peace of Mind.

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