Mother & Baby Yoga helps at a holistic level

Jyoti guides and teaches mothers to work with their babies, in a gentle and yogic way, gradually working on all the joints and muscles of the body knowing exactly how far to take each baby’s moves.

The session entails working with the babies in a fun, loving way, using chanting and familiar nursery rhymes.

It becomes a loving inter-action between Mother and Baby, and other mothers and babies in the session, bringing a sense of joy and deep bonding. It helps Mums’ to become more confident in handling their respective babies.

Yoga helps the baby in many ways such as:-

  • Reflux
  • Colic
  • Blocked energy
  • Constipation
  • Stiffness
  • Better sleep
  • Strengthens in all ways.
  • Become alert and active.
  • Improves memory

Jyoti soon puts the Mother’s mind at rest by answering any questions or advice concerning the baby’s health or the general well-being of the mother.

The Baby Yoga session leaves the Mother and Baby relaxed with a sense of calm. They also meet other like-minded Mothers.

Jyoti was featured with Baby Yoga on BBC 1 television and has also had coverage in national and local papers.

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