In today's stressful age, none of us have much time for ourselves and thus our mental, emotional and physical problems are often ignored.


Yoga Therapy proposes a unique alternative. It offers a gentle, new approach to healing through a tailor-made yoga programme, bringing unity to the whole being.

Gentle warming up of muscles and joints, synchronised with breathing techniques and followed by practicing appropriate Yoga postures and deep relaxation according to individual needs, helps strengthen and heal at a holistic level. Lifestyle and diet modifications are suggested if necessary.

Jyoti's unique and intuitive approach to individual needs enables one to become more positive in every respect, bringing clarity and a new outlook to life in general. Being positive reflects on a healthy being.

Yoga Therapy is primarily used for the rehabilitation of specific ailments such as Cardio-vascular, Arthritis, IBS, ME, MS, Back problems, Cancer, HIV, anxiety, stress, hyper-tension, depression, diabetes, migraine, skin conditions, respiratory conditions including Asthma, and gynaecological problems.

However, Yoga Therapy can also be used effectively by special groups such as expectant mothers or the elderly.

Many ailments are stress-related or result from emotional blockages. Yoga Therapy helps the practitioners to let go of long-held emotions and storage creating a space for well-being at a holistic level.

In chronic illnesses, Yoga Therapy can work effectively alongside conventional medicine.

Guided deep relaxation through the use of breathing techniques, visualisation, affirmations and the chanting of Vedic Mantras helps bring peace, calmness and awareness of the higher Being within.

Using Nada Yoga (Sound Therapy), along with the awareness of breathing, in her sessions is Jyoti's signature, which gives an extra dimension to her Therapy work.

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